[Oct. 2, 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – Today, ASICS are proud to announce the launch of the GEL-KAYANO™ Lite shoe. It offers long-distance runners a shoe designed for stability and performance, making it easier to go further, perform better and reduce load on the foot, while reducing weight so they can keep on experiencing the benefits of movement.

ASICS is continuing to listen to runners needs during this unprecedented time. We’re on a mission to make it easy for everyone to experience the mental and physical benefits of movement. With the GEL-KAYANO™ Lite, ASICS brings the lightest ever shoe in GEL-KAYANO™ series, making it the recommended choice for long distance runners. This latest innovation as ASICS also embodies a more eco-friendly design, featuring an engineered mesh upper that was formed with recycled materials.

The new GEL-KAYANO™ Lite delivers comfort, stability and protection, while reducing weight. ASICS are constantly improving and enhancing the GEL-KAYANO™ series, the new Lite editions in the legendary line will offer additional products within the KAYANO™ family, to ensure every runner’s needs are continuing to be met. The new GEL-KAYANO™ Lite shoe features a sustainable midsole compound that provides excellent bounce and responsiveness keeping runners agile over longer distances. The new shoe uses fewer componentry and resources to produce the design making it almost 30 grams lighter in weight [1] .

What’s more, the GEL-KAYANO™ Lite is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. The 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTIONTM improves stability while maintaining cushioning, and the flared midsole shape helps support runners whose feet roll inward excessively (overpronate) for a more efficient ride. Additionally, the wider base nets in the shoe’s heel and forefoot provide more surface area to create a stable landing and toe-off.

Keishi Kitamoto – designer of the GEL-KAYANO™ LITE says: “Light was the keyword that we used for design inspiration. In this shoe we wanted to adapt the original GEL-KAYANO™ model with a more simplified and sustainable approach. In the GEL-KAYANO™ LITE shoe, I focused on the idea of one unified system and minimal materials to provide stability and protection while reducing the weight of the shoe”.

Despite the ongoing pandemic restrictions, ASICS research shows that globally 7 in 10 (68% globally; 54% in UK) people are more driven than ever to return to their physical peak [2] . The ASICS World Ekiden 2020 comes in direct response to the ever-changing needs of runners and sports fans, bringing together runners of every level to run as a team and achieve a collective goal – the marathon. The GEL-KAYANO™ Lite is a soft and lightweight shoe with the stability needed to stand up to a ton of miles making it a great choice for the ASICS World Ekiden 2020.

The GEL-KAYANO™ Lite™ will be available globally for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialist running outlets. Visit the product videos: the tech video: GEL-KAYANO™ Lite Tech & the sustainability-focused video: GEL-KAYANO Lite™ Sustainability and for more information.



· ASICS’ latest shoe – the GT-2000™ 9 – combines advanced features to deliver enhanced fit and comfort from the get-go

· As the 28th edition of the hugely popular GT-2000™ series, this model combines and reimagines product features right from the sole to the upper mesh, providing support runners can trust

[Oct. 2, 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – Today, ASICS are excited to announce the launch of the GT-2000™ 9 shoe promising runners a stable, responsive ride and a more efficient transition from footstrike to toe-off.

The GT-2000™ 9 model is a versatile shoe specifically designed to provide comfort and support whilst delivering stability for advanced performance. The versatility of the GT-2000™ 9 means it is also an excellent choice for a long run, a tempo run and an interval work-out.

The new GT-2000™ delivers enhanced fit and feel

With the new GT-2000™ 9, ASICS have combined innovative features for an enhanced fit and feel. The new soft and lightweight one-piece mesh is constructed with no sew overlays reinforcing the upper shoe, especially over the arch, for added stability and support runners can feel. This is complemented by new ORTHOLITE™ lasting for advanced step-in and all-round foot comfort.

And that’s just the start – GT-2000™ 9’s FLYTEFOAM™ midsole is lighter and more durable than traditional midsole foams meaning wearers enjoy a cushioned and supportive feel throughout the gait cycle, while rearfoot GEL™ technology absorbs shock with every landing. Also, heel holding improves approximately 50% while running, which provide the runners with a more comfortable ride to support their performance [1] .

When it comes to performance, the GT-2000™ 9 provides advanced stability for run efficiently. The pioneering DYNAMIC DUOMAX™ technology helps support runners whose feet roll inward too much (overpronate) for a more efficient ride.

US Elite ASICS runner, Johnny Gregorek says “The GT-2000™ series provides a balance of cushioning and support that I need – I have a mild pronation and mid-foot strike in my stride and the GT-2000™ perfectly accounts for those elements and creates a nice and even forward roll for my foot”.

ASICS continue to respond to runners changing needs

The GT-2000™ 9 launch comes amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing research conducted by ASICS shows that globally, 7 in 10 (68% globally; 54% in UK) people are more driven than ever to return to their physical peak. Fitness-tracking app Runkeeper™ continues to see increases with users – with a 113% increase in registrations globally year to date vs the same time period in 2019. ASICS is committed to meeting runners’ needs – both during this pandemic and beyond.

ASICS believes in a Sound Mind in a Sound Body now more than ever. We know from our ongoing research that as the months have passed runners are missing the motivation and connection they get from team events. 42% of people who exercise regularly are finding it difficult to stay motivated as they don’t have a goal to work towards at the moment. ASICS have responded with the new ASICS World Ekiden 2020: the ultimate team challenge that will see teams of up to six people from all over the world come together to complete a combined marathon in the fastest possible time. A specially created virtual race platform will vividly bring to life the connection and motivation of team competition at a time of physical distancing, helping runners of abilities stay connected with the sport and their wider community.

The ASICS World Ekiden 2020 is open to all with distances that attract all levels of runner. To take part, runners simply sign up for free from 1 October 2020, using ASICS Runkeeper™. Teams must complete their relay race between 11th and 22nd November 2020. For expert advice, training plans and more information about how to run, follow #RunToFeel or visit

The GT-2000™ 9 will be available globally for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialist running outlets. Visit the product video: GT-2000 9 and for more information.

New ASICS DYNABLAST™ adds some fun to every run

Press release:

· Latest addition to the popular BLAST BEYOND series offers outstanding performance and protection alongside a faster, lighter, bouncier ride

· With more people running than ever before [1] , ASICS newest addition to the BLAST BEYOND series helps put a spring in the step of a new generation of runners.

[28th August 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – The DYNABLAST™ is a performance shoe offering runners a faster, lighter, bouncier ride. Based on ASICS’ trademark human-centric design, it is made for anyone looking to add some fun to their run and put an extra spring in their step.

The launch of the DYNABLAST™ comes at a time when more people than ever are falling in love with running. Inspired by the need to escape the challenges of life during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, more people are clocking up more strides, more often. Fitness-tracking app, ASICS Runkeeper™, continues to see increases with users – with a 113% increase in registrations globally year to date vs the same time period in 2019, while, according to ASICS’ own research [i] in 12 countries, 73% of runners globally now say exercise is something they look forward to during the week. With 66%, saying that running is the best form of physical exercise that they can do right now.

Following on from the successful launch of the NOVABLAST™ running shoe, ASICS have answered the call of runners, by adding another shoe to the range, the DYNABLAST™. As the latest addition, the DYNABLAST™ features FLYTEFOAM™ Blast technology in

in the midsole for a lightweight, responsive feel. Underfoot cut-outs in the outsole also work with the midsole foam to put extra bounce into every stride. With its fast, bouncy, energetic feel, the DYNABLAST™ is a recommended shoe for a new generation of runners who look forward to their runs as a fun, uplifting experience.

Elsewhere, an engineered mesh upper increases breathability and creates a “barely there” feel, while the knit upper provides a comfortable fit and outstanding support without the bulkiness of stitched or welded overlays.

Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at ASICS Institute of Sport Science, said: “ASICS was founded on a mission to help everyone achieve a sound body in a sound body through movement. With people increasingly using running to alleviate the pressures of life right now, that mission has never been more important. We’re committed to meeting runners’ changing needs both during this pandemic and beyond. The DYNABLAST™ is one of the many ways we are delivering the experiences and products we know runners want, helping the world keep on running.”

As well as improving and introducing new shoes that aim to elevate the running experience, ASICS have designed an app that turns the rhythm of a run into a track in real-time called the ASICS Run Mixer. The app works best with the ASICS BLAST family range of shoes and enhances the joy and fun of running by creating bespoke track based on a runners very own running rhythm. The rhythms generated can be shared and runners can challenge one another to produce something even better. Runners can download the app for free from the App Store or Google Play.

ASICS DYNABLAST will be available globally for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialist running outlets from 28 August 2020 at an RRP of $100. Visit and video [ASICS DYNABLAST™ ] for more information.

ASICS announces groundbreaking performance face cover that gives runners breathing room to maintain their edge

Press release:

The ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER has been designed by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS) specifically for runners with performance, comfort, and protection at the core of the design

● The face cover employs cutting-edge design features and pioneering technology that give runners space to breathe with comfort so they can perform at their best

● The face cover has been designed in direct response to major concerns about how to run safely as lockdown eases, with ongoing global research [1] by ASICS revealing that 66% globally of regular exercises avoid certain routes or spaces to maintain social distance with others

[29 JULY 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – Today, ASICS is excited to announce a revolutionary face cover for runners – the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER. 

Created specifically for runners by world-renowned scientists, engineers and designers at the ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), the face cover pairs cutting-edge design with innovative air vents that give runners the room to breathe comfortably, while preventing the spread of droplets. The face covers quick-drying material helps cool the air that reaches its interior.

Together the unique, innovative design and cutting-edge materials allow runners of all levels to exercise without compromising performance or protection. Tests [2] show that the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER significantly improves breathability and comfort with runners feeling little to almost no difference from wearing no mask. Importantly, this is maintained even when running at higher speed where conventional masks inhibit performance.

Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at the ISS said: “We know how important it is for runners to protect themselves and others when running, but also that many find face covers uncomfortable and restrictive. So, we created the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER, uniquely designed for runners with cutting-edge technology. The innovative design gives runners room to breathe comfortably while performing at their physical peak.”

The new ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER will be available to runners globally from mid-September at a retail price of 40 USD. To find out more about the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER and register your interest for when this product is available, please visit ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER .

A pioneering approach to design

The ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER is not like any other sports accessory on the market. Yasuhito Hirota, President & Chief Operating Officer, ASICS, says: “When I used to run with a normal mask it was hard to breathe, but with this mask I was able to run very comfortably”. While other approaches rely solely on the breathability of materials, the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER combines this with an innovative design that gives runners the space to breathe comfortably within the face cover. This groundbreaking approach means that runners of every level can strive for their best performance with the confidence that they are staying protected.

Scientists at the ISS have responded to the unique needs of runners with a series of technologies and design features including:

● Interior Space

The unique curved structure creates more room inside the face cover to allow for easier breathing when running.

● Strategically Placed Air Vents

Air vents innovatively placed on the face cover provide unobstructed airflow while preventing the spread of droplets. 

● Quick-drying, Washable Fabric

Cutting-edge material cools the air flowing into the mouth, improving breathability and comfort. The water repellent, washable fabric makes cleaning easier.

● Comfort Fit

Specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of faces with an adjustable cord to ensure fit– helping prevent fog build-up when wearing glasses.

● Sustainable Design

Produced with approximately 31% recycled materials.

ASICS continues to listen to runners of all levels to keep them motivated and protected in a world coming out of lockdown

With the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER, ASICS is continuing to listen to runners needs at this time. Ongoing research conducted by ASICS shows that globally, 7 in 10 (68% globally) people are more driven than ever to return to their physical peak.

However, 8 in 10 (79% globally) of regular exercisers we surveyed said wearing a face cover when running is not a comfortable experience because it is hard to breathe and irritates the skin. The ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER is designed specifically to address the need for a face cover while running that offers comfort as well as performance and protection, with 5 in 10 runners (53% globally) saying they would feel more comfortable about their safety wearing a face cover while exercising.

Yasuhito Hirota further explains: “At ASICS, listening to our runners and understanding their changing needs lies at the heart of everything we do. There is lots more we can learn from the running community as lockdown eases across the globe, and we will continue to evolve our products and services to meet their future needs.”

Get Involved

For expert advice, training plans and more information about how to run, people can follow #RunToFeel or visit 

To find out more about the ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER and register your interest for when this product is available, please visit ASICS RUNNERS FACE COVER.


ASICS is helping the world maintain its newfound love of running through a series of initiatives aimed at helping people continue to stay safe and motivated in a world coming out of lockdown. These include:

● Offering free access to the ASICS Studio™ at-home workout app for everyone through to the end of August 2020

● Highlighting running in people’s lives by calling on them to share how they stay motivated via #RunToFeel

● Providing additional training content and guidance from ASICS FrontRunner community and athletes


We consider the health and wellbeing of our athletes, customers and staff as our top priority, and we took the decision months ago to close our retail stores and offices in affected markets around the world. Medical professionals say that in the current situation movement is very important to ensure everybody’s mental and physical wellbeing. We believe in the power of sport to uplift us all, and in times like this it has never been as important to help everyone achieve a sound mind in a sound body. We will continue to do all we can to help the world achieve that goal.

[1] ASICS 2020 Pulse Survey: a live study of 1,250 regular exercisers in total across five markets that explores how people are feeling about returning to fitness and their current safety concerns/challenges. Conducted by Edelman Intelligence

[2] Tests conducted at ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Kobe, July 2020 compared ASICS Runner Face Cover with Conventional Non-Woven masks. Results demonstrate improved breathability and comfort at speeds both above and below AT (anaerobic threshold) using the perception scale.

ASICS wins top prize for advanced carbon technologu behind its first spikeless track shoe, METASPRINT™

RELEASE DATE: 2020.05.14
[Paris, 13th May 2020] Today, at a virtual ceremony in Paris, ASICS was announced the winner of the JEC World Composites Innovation Awards in the Sports and Health care category. The prestigious award was granted by an international jury for the advanced molding technology behind ASICS new spikeless track shoe, METASPRINT™, designed to improve speed over short distance.

The new CFRTP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics) technology was developed by scientists at ASICS Institute of Sport Science in Kobe. In collaboration with a close team of cross-industry partners, they discovered a new usage for composite materials to advance track shoe development.

Traditionally, sprinters have relied on spikes to gain traction. However, by using the new CFRTP manufacturing technology to mold the sole of the METASPRINT™, ASICS have revolutionized what a track shoe can look like. The new honeycombed carbon fiber outsole removes the spikes to make the traction of the shoe to the track more efficient, so sprinters are able to exert higher propulsion with every step.

Over short distances, where every millisecond saved count, the METASPRINT™ shoe has been shown to improve speed. Tests conducted [1] by ASICS Institute of Sport Science showed that with this technology, runners were able to go up to 0.048 seconds faster over a 100m sprint.

Commenting on the importance of the new technology for the future of ASICS and the sports industry Kenichi Harano – Executive Officer, Senior General Manager, ASICS Institute of Sport Science, says: “CFRTP composite material has been studied by various industries for its very resilient and light qualities. On behalf of ASICS and our close cross-industry partners, we are delighted to be able to accept such a prestigious award and bring this technology to the sports industry. Not only can it help athlete performance, but it can also improve sustainability. The manufacturing method of this technology allows recycling of the unused fragments, thus reducing the waste.

At ASICS it is our mission to create intelligent sports technology that both protects and supports athletes of all abilities to perform at their best. We are committed to continue our effort to develop sustainable, high-quality technologies like this one for the applications of wider sports usage including footwear and other equipment.”

New ASICS NOVABLAST™. Shoe puts a spring in runners’ steps

Press release:

With its lightweight design, the new NOVABLAST™ gives an energetic underfoot feel that suits a younger runner looking for a springy, fun experience

[Tuesday, 25 February 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – With a unique design in the ASICS line of performance running shoes, the new ASICS NOVABLAST™ delivers an energetic ride for people looking to inject a healthy dose of fun into their running life.

The bold, eye-catching design of the NOVABLAST™ mirrors the type of runner who will suit the shoe best. Part of a new, younger generation of runners, they don’t just look for great performance from a shoe but also a sense of fun that makes them feel great and enhance their love of running.

In order to produce this sensation, the midsole design of the NOVABLAST™ takes inspiration from a trampoline, allowing runners to spring from stride to stride. The energetic ride will help runners to find their rhythm and feel their fastest.

Its new FLYTEFOAM™ Blast midsole gives the shoe a soft but responsive feeling underfoot. Despite its lightweight of approximately 275g (M) and 225g (W) [1] , the NOVABLAST midsole design gives runners an energetic spring with every stride.

The upper fabric is a mesh that provides excellent airflow for a cooler run. It is engineered to be not only soft and comfortable, but also strong for hold and support – without any need for stitched or welded overlays. The sole of the NOVABLAST™ uses ASICS’ renowned AHARPLUS™ rubber, which has triple the abrasion resistance of our traditional outsole and promises runners improved durability and better traction.

The NOVABLAST will be available globally for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialist running outlets from Thursday, 27 February 2020. Visit ASICS NOVABLAST( and for more information.

Junichiro Tateishi, General Manager, Footwear Function Research Department, ASICS Institute of Sport Science, said: “The new FLYTEFOAM™ Blast midsole has been designed for more than just supporting a runner during their run; it has been designed for play and enjoyment.”

ASICS launches EVORIDE™. Its lightest, most affordable energy-savings running shoe to date

Press Release:

 With an updated midsole featuring FLYTEFOAM™ Propel, EVORIDE™ weighs just 9oz1

· Built upon innovative GUIDESOLE™ technology designed to reduce energy loss and give that feeling of effortless coasting

· The latest addition to the ASICS energy-saving family, following the launch to critical acclaim of the METARIDE™ and GLIDERIDE™ shoes last year

[7th February, 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – ASICS has today revealed the newest addition to the energy-saving family with EVORIDE™. Weighing just 9oz and priced at 120 USD, EVORIDE™ is the lightest and most affordable shoe in the family and follows the launch to critical acclaim of the highly successful METARIDE™ and GLIDERIDE™ shoes released last year. EVORIDE™ will be available in stores globally from February 7th.


Like the other shoes in the ASICS energy-saving family, EVORIDE™ features the signature and innovative GUIDESOLE™ technology, an ergonomic, precision-shaped curved sole that works by limiting movement in the ankle joint, the area where most energy is expended.


Designed for neutral runners, the new EVORIDE™ offers a dramatic toe spring that gives a rolling feeling for effortless forward motion. With a moderate sole curvature, compared to the previous two shoes in the family, EVORIDE™ offers more choice for runners with differing running styles and needs who want to take advantage of the GUIDESOLE™ technology. Meanwhile, a soft one-piece midsole with full ground contact gives a smooth heel-to-toe transition and Super AHAR™ rubber under the heel delivers added durability.


Despite its lightweight design, the new EVORIDE™ sacrifices absolutely nothing in terms of comfort. The FLYTEFOAM™ Propel midsole offers outstanding cushioning and a soft, responsive underfoot feel, while the multi-directional stretch mesh upper material enhances breathability and adjusts to the shape of the wearer’s foot to deliver an excellent fit.

Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at ASICS Institute of Sport Science, said: “After the success of METARIDE™ and GLIDERIDE™, we wanted to bring the same combination of energy efficiency, cushioning and durability to even more runners. As the lightest and most affordable member of our energy saving family, EVORIDE™ is the perfect partner for both fast, tempo training and long distances, helping runners push their own boundaries of speed and endurance like never before.”

EVORIDE™ will be available for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialist running outlets globally from February 7th, 2020. Visit for more information.


EVORIDE™ features the following proprietary technologies:

1. GUIDESOLE™ TECHNOLOGY: curved midsole construction helps minimize movement in the area where most energy is expended; the ankle joint and allows

2. FLYTEFOAM™ PROPEL TECHNOLOGY: Lightweight midsole foam is soft and responsive for a more cushioned underfoot feel.

3. ENGINEERED MESH UPPER: Multi-directional stretch mesh adjusts to the shape of the foot for an excellent fit.

4. ROLLING MOTION LAST: More toe spring encourages a rolling motion from foot strike to toe-off.

5. FULL GROUND CONTACT: The sole provides a smoother transition from heel strike to toe-off.

6. LIGHT AHAR™ SPONGE RUBBER: Outsole rubber reduces wear and improves cushioning.

7. SUPER AHAR™ HEEL-PLUG: ASICS higher-abrasion rubber is used in heavy wear areas to extend the life of the shoe.

Introducing new GEL-NIMBUS™ 22 shoe for the most comfortable ride on the market to date

Press release:

[1st Nov – Kobe, Japan] On November 1st, ASICS launches the 22nd iteration of its top-of-the-range, neutral long-distance running shoe, the GEL-NIMBUS™ 22. A trusted training partner for runners’ all of abilities for over 20 years, the shoe incorporates human-centric science and advanced technology to provide long-distance runners with superior cushioning for the most comfortable ride in the series to date.

Designed for neutral runners, the shoe features ASICS’ advanced cushioning technologies – FLYTEFOAM™ Propel and FLYTEFOAM™ – resulting in a lighter, spring like feel.

Named after the Latin term for the Nimbus cloud formation, the ASICS collection has become synonymous for comfort, with each new release featuring new and improved technology to increase the benefits for runners. As the 22nd iteration, the GEL-NIMBUS™ 22 shoe is incorporating a variety of new features including;

· Improved Cushioning: The GEL-NIMBUS™ 22 shoe adds soft and bouncy FLYTEFOAM™ Propel midsole compared to version 21, for improved softness underfoot [1] . The midsole has been reconfigured with soft, bouncy FLYTEFOAM™ Propel midsole material, now positioned closer to the ground. This allows the midsole to compress more when the foot first hits the ground for a more responsive feel. There is also a larger section of GEL™ technology cushioning that wraps all the way around the sole for improved rearfoot impact protection.

· Increased Breathability: The new monofilament mesh upper material is softer and provides more ventilation [2] .

· Enhanced Fit: The shoe geometry becomes slightly wider and higher in the toe box than GEL-NIMBUS™ 21 model, allowing the foot to spread naturally.

ASICS Professional distance runner, Diane Nukuri says: “What I like about GEL-NIMBUS series is they have good cushioning and feel light on my feet. In 2018, I injured my Achilles. As soon as I put on my GEL-NIMBUS, I didn’t feel the pain anymore which allowed me to get back into training and racing – and my Achilles hasn’t bothered me since. The support and cushioning that I get with the GEL-NIMBUS series means I don’t have to worry about my feet being sore.’

 Women’s GEL-NIMBUS™ 22

  Men’s GEL-NIMBUS™ 22

The GEL-NIMBUS™ 22 shoe will be available globally from November 1st at ASICS retail and online stores at 150 USD.

To learn more about ASICS, and the new GEL-NIMBUS ™ 22, please visit: or go to: ASICS GEL-NIMBUS™22



· New monofilament mesh material allows the upper to maintain durability and provides ventilation and a softer feel.


· FLYTEFOAM™ technology midsole material is lighter and more durable than traditional midsole foams. This is ASICS’ lightweight midsole material giving you a soft, supportive feel.

· FLYTEFOAM™ Propel technology delivers a bouncy, responsive feel underfoot.

· Forefoot and rearfoot GEL™ technology provides increased shock and impact absorption where you need it the most.


· Gender specific GUIDANCE TRUSSTIC™ technology is found under the arch of the shoe. This thermoplastic piece provides stability, reduces weight, and helps extend the life of the shoe. For women this piece provides added support in the direction of forward motion. In the men’s model, this piece provides added support toward the inside of the arch.

· I.G.S™ (IMPACT GUIDANCE SYSTEM) design philosophy links components such as GEL™ technology cushioning, GUIDANCE LINE™ and TRUSSTIC™ technologies together to enhance the foot’s natural gait from foot strike to toe-off.

· Light AHAR™ sponge rubber featured on the outsole to reduce wear and enhances cushioning.

· Super AHAR™ heel plug in areas of heavy wear to extend the life of the shoe by using higher-abrasion rubber.

[1] Cushioning loading rate shows improvement of approximately 22% in GEL-NIMBUS™ 22 measured against GEL-NIMBUS™ 21. Research conducted by ASICS Institute of Sport Science.

[2] Evaluation of ventilation in air chamber mechanical testing shows improvements in lateral side and in media side of over 50% in GEL-NIMBUS™ 22 measured against GEL-NIMBUS™ 21. Research conducted by ASICS Institute of Sport Science.

Getting tired just got harder: ASICS new GLIDERIDE™ shoe brings energy savings technology to more runners

Press release:

· ASICS increases the pace in pioneering new energy saving shoes with latest innovation: GLIDERIDE™ – scientifically proven to reduce energy loss1

· The latest introduction to ASICS’ energy saving family follows the sellout debut of the METARIDE™ shoe at the Tokyo marathon earlier this year.

· A leading team of experts put ASICS’ newest technology and theory in running performance to the test in an epic race with no finish line on the Bonneville Salt Flats

[SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 – KOBE, JAPAN] – Saving runners energy: ASICS has today revealed how the eagerly awaited GLIDERIDE™ has successfully adapted the GUIDESOLE™ technology, first introduced in the METARIDE™ concept, and placed it on the feet of more runners in a unique race featuring participants of different abilities from around the world.


The human-centric GUIDESOLE™ technology is an ergonomic precision-shaped curved sole that reduces energy loss. It works by minimizing lower leg movement through the stride – giving a feeling of effortless coasting – to make it easier for runners to keep going for longer.

Increasing the accessibility of the GUIDESOLE™ technology was the inspiration behind the new shoe. Engineered by a team of scientific experts and designers at ASICS Institute of Sport Science (ISS), the development of GLIDERIDE™ was fast-tracked to get the new technology to more runners as quickly as possible. [1]

The result? The new GLIDERIDE™ has taken the category-leading GUIDESOLE™ technology a further step forward. Whilst providing maximum energy saving, it is lighter, with a less extreme curve and more cushioning than the concept shoe – increased comfort.

In tests, GLIDERIDE™ has been scientifically proven to:

· Reduce total energy loss at the ankle joint, where runners expend the most energy

· Improve cushioning for increased comfort

· Reduce weight while maintaining stability to provide both performance and protection

Kenichi Harano, Executive Officer and Senior General Manager at ISS, said: “The positive reception and speed at which runners adopted the new technology spurred us on to develop GLIDERIDE™ in record time. With no compromise on efficiency, it offers a cushier ride that we believe has the potentialto help runners of every level significantly improve performance to go further than they thought possible”.


To demonstrate what energy saving really means for runners, ASICS put the theory to the test in a unique race on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah on 7 September 2019. The race, designed by an expert team of sports scientists, RUNKEEPER™ data analysts, elite coaches and engineers saw 30 runners of different abilities from around the world put the latest technology and theory in running performance to the test. Participants explored how energy saving technology can assist them in improving performance in the ultimate battle against themselves in a race without a finish line.

“We effectively took our research lab from Kobe to the Salt Flats to understand directly from runners how they can benefit from our energy saving technology in a real-life situation,” commented Harano. “What we learnt proves the importance of optimizing energy and will fuel our next generation technologies beyond footwear.”

Yasuhito Hirota, ASICS President and COO, said: “This latest innovation is a major milestone in achieving our goal to make our energy saving technology available to all runners. In Spring 2020, we will launch the next shoe in the family, EVORIDE™. And it doesn’t finish there. ASICS commitment to this new category extends beyond footwear with the planned introduction of further innovations to our in-store and on-line services”.

Follow ##ASICSEternalRun / #GLIDERIDE to join the conversation.

GLIDERIDE™ footwear will be available for men and women from ASICS retail and online stores as well as specialist running outlets globally from 27 September 2019. Visit for more information.


GLIDERIDE™ features the following proprietary technologies:

1. GUIDESOLE™ TECHNOLOGY: curved midsole construction helps minimize movement in the area where most energy is expended; the ankle joint and allows runners to go further, easier and longer. The lower 5mm drop supports the unique rolling movement and feeling of effortless forward motion.

2. FYTEFOAM™ MIDSOLE TECHNOLOGY: durable midsole providing cushioning and maintaining lightweight, with FLYTFOAM PROPEL™ underneath enhancing responsiveness.

3. REARFOOT GEL™ TECHNOLOGY: cushioning under the heel reduces shock when the foot meets the ground.

4. AHAR™ PLUS OUTSOLE: high abrasion rubber on the sole provides durability

5. ENGINEERED MESH UPPER: comfortable upper with reinforcements enhances support and breathability.

[1] The GLIDERIDE™ shoe is scientifically proven to reduce energy loss at the ankle joint. Research conducted by Progressive Sports Ltd based at Loughborough University UK, July 2019 tested against leading shoes in the performance running category.

Introducing AI vision technology assisted pronation assisted assessment service at ASICS owned stores

Press Release:

ASICS announces the development of a system that assesses runner pronation type using artificial intelligence (AI) vision technology, as well as the ASICS Institute of Sport Science’s wealth of data and expertise. The system has been added as a new feature to ASICS’ proprietary running form analysis app ASICS RUNNING ANALYZER. It will be available at ASICS owned stores around the world starting early June and will first appear at ASICS HARAJUKU FLAGSHIP in Tokyo, ASICS REGENT STREET FLAGSHIP in London, and ASICS 5th AVENUE FLAGSHIP in New York City. This is the unique system in the world that assesses runner pronation type using artificial intelligence (AI) vision technology within the stores.

Pronation is part of the natural movement of the human body and refers to the way your heel rolls inward for impact distribution upon landing. Understanding your pronation type can help you find an appropriate running shoe.

The new system assesses the runner’s type of pronation simply from a tablet recording of a runner’s running gait from the knee down, which is recorded from behind. The video is automatically uploaded to the cloud and analyzed using AI, which marks the positions of the knee, ankle, and heel and calculates the degree of inward motion when the heel strikes the ground to determine the runner’s type of pronation. At ASICS owned stores, the store staff will recommend the most appropriate ASICS shoe model for the runner using the result of the analysis.

ASICS owned stores currently offer ASICS FOOT ID™ system, which analyzes foot carriage during the running motion to suggest appropriate shoe models. This new system does not require special equipment like sensors and markers, and can determine pronation type even more easily.

It can be used at smaller retail outlets where the ASICS FOOT ID™ previously was not available, as well as at non-retail venues like running events, and will contribute to a more fulfilling sports experience for customers.

〇Classification of pronation type
Overpronation – Your foot lands on outside of heel, then (heel or foot) rolls inward excessively.

Neutral pronation – Your foot lands on outside of the heel, then heel rolls inward moderately.

Underpronation – Your foot lands on outside of the heel, then heel rolls rarely (slightly).


ASICS RUNNING ANALYZER app analyzes and assesses running form based on a proprietary algorithm developed by the ASICS Institute of Sport Science using data and expertise accumulated by ASICS. The app automatically generates feedback on customer form trends and offers running recommendations based on the analysis results to improve form. The app also has a feature that compares two forms when different shoe models are worn.

ASICS is considering adapting the system in the future so that it can be used not only on tablets but also smartphones for even more convenience, and also offering some of services oriented toward companies.

One of the core strategies of ASICS’ medium-term management plan ASICS Growth Plan (AGP) 2020 is enriching sports lives through the use of digital technology, and the company is focusing on improving the sense of fulfillment customers get from sports by using digital power. ASICS will continue developing cutting edge services using digital technology to offer new value to our customers’ sports experience.