MBT Unveils Its Most Ambitious Performance Running Shoe Yet

Press Release:

Powered by MBT’s patented curved-sole technology and a bold aesthetic, the new Huracan 3000 signals a daring new era for brand

Saint Louis, Missouri — Blending their renowned health properties with decidedly modern running-shoe design and materials, global footwear brand MBT – who invented the now-ubiquitous deeply cushioned, rocker-midsole shoes – is thrilled to announce its most daring and advanced performance running shoe to date: the Huracan 3000.

The premium $199 performance running shoe will be available in select specialty retail stores and MBT-owned locations around the world as well as on MBT.com and their Amazon storefront starting in early November.

For those eager to make running easier and more efficient, the Swiss-engineered, high-end neutral trainer fuels uninterrupted movement as the Huracan’s unique rocker sole promotes a gentle rolling motion that spurs a natural, stress-free cadence from impact to toe-off.

“The Huracan’s arrival is the start of a revolution for us at MBT, our first step toward the most cutting-edge and premium lineup of performance running footwear in the marketplace,” says CEO Andy Chaw. “As the pioneers of the rocker bottom, we’re taking our proven curved-sole technology, which we’ve been perfecting since our founding in 1996, and combining that with new technologies and forward-thinking designs that confirm our commitment to being the most innovative, health-focused running brand in the world.”

The Huracan is MBT’s answer to a growing trend in the industry toward energy return and shock dissipation, usually accomplished with a composite plate running through the midsole. But to accomplish similar results, MBT instead designed an entirely new midsole/outsole combination they’re calling MIDS. Together with their Sensor Technology, which provides MBT’s signature ‘walking-on-sand’ feel, MIDS absorbs impact and dissipates shock outward in the heel/midfoot, reducing the amount of vibration the emanates up through the body, reducing stress on the body and encouraging enhanced balance and stability. Then their renowned PIVOT STRIKE rocker completes the process, actively rolling the foot through toe-off with every step. The end result: a cushioned, responsive running experience from impact to toe-off that minimizes fatigue and promotes continuous forward movement.

Other Features:

  • Exo-heel counter cradles the foot for optimum support and security
  • Memory foam liner provides a custom fit for each runner’s heel and Achilles tendon
  • At the forefoot, M-Flex Technology – a durable, yet flexible mesh at the toe box – adapts to a runner’s foot during different stages of a run
  • The Jacquard Mesh upper is both lightweight and breathable with minimal seams
  • High-abrasion outsole offers superior strength and enhanced traction for running on various surfaces or in slick conditions.
  • Cut-outs in the rubber outsole reduce weight and contribute to the smooth ride
  • Unapologetically modern aesthetic blends a premium fit with a stylish, on-trend design
  • Reflective elements integrated into the upper’s webbing, the MBT M-wing logo, and heel counter add subtle flashes of color contrast and ensure safety for nighttime running
  • MSRP: $199 USD
  • Sizes: U.S. Men’s 8-13 in three colors (Lime Green/Blue Indigo; Black/Castlerock; Dusty Blue/Blue Indigo)
  • S. Women’s 6-12 in three colors (Lime Green/Blue Indigo; Black/Castlerock; Dusty Blue/Blue Indigo)

“We’ve worked hard to get inside the minds of runners, to understand what they want and need, and have come to understand that they expect running footwear that not only performs at the highest level, but also looks good,” Chaw says. “That’s what the Huracan provides and it’s symbolic of the boundaries we’re going to push at MBT.

About MBT

Founded in 1996, MBT, which stands for Masai Barefoot Technology, was inspired by Kenya’s Masai tribe, a group that has lived for thousands of years with virtually no joint or back pain. Powered by its pioneering rocker bottom soles, a design many others have attempted to imitate, MBT claims a 24-year track record of helping people stand, walk, run, work, and play more efficiently and effectively.


Media release:

In April 2019, 200 creators around the world were involved in the first closed trial process, taking possession of Gen 1 UltraBOOST DNA LOOP running shoes, wearing and then returning them to be reborn as well as providing valuable feedback on the design and process.

In November 2019 the first Gen 2 UltraBOOST DNA LOOP running shoes were produced and included recycled TPU from the Gen 1 pairs. Again, the 200 creators were asked to put the shoe through its paces to provide feedback that would help get adidas ready to take the revolutionary concept to a wider audience.

Now, for the first time we are enabling more people around the world during Creators Club Week digital festival to get their hands on the revolutionary UltraBOOST DNA LOOP running shoe for the next phase.

1,500 Creators Club Members will be given the shoes for free and become part of a sustainability micro community, co-creating with us in a true open source fashion to further shape and fine tune

the experience. The 21-week program will be driven by the adidas app with the communities actions and feedback helping futureproof the engagement model . By signing up for the raffle they will be making a commitment to return the shoes to be grinded, shredded and turned into something new.

“We don’t think of UltraBOOST DNA LOOP as simply a high-performance running shoe, but as an experience where every owner plays a vital part. To make this a success we need to understand the human element – how people can be encouraged to return the shoes to be recycled – because while we control the creation, we can only influence what happens when the shoes leave us. We can’t get there alone – we’re looking for 1,500 committed individuals to help us change how we create. UltraBOOST DNA LOOP is not just a shoe, it’s a movement and we want our community of creators to help us define a better future where products are ‘Made to be Remade” James Carnes, adidas VP Brand Strategy.

To take part in the next phase, Creators Club members need to prove their sustainability credentials by taking part in a quiz. Everyone who completes the quiz will be entered into a global raffle and randomly selected for the experience. Becoming a Creators Club member is free, just sign up to the adidas App available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

“I’m honored to help introduce the next iteration of the UltraBOOST DNA LOOP concept during Creators Club Week. Through this shoe, adidas is leading an incredibly important conversation around circularity and fabric innovation. We hope this launch inspires creators to join us as we strive to create a more sustainable future together.” Supermodel, philanthropist and adidas partner Karlie Kloss .

Our ‘Made to be Remade’ project is aimed at tackling the problem of plastic waste, using recycled materials and creating “closed loop” or circular manufacturing model s, where raw materials can be repurposed again and again. But not just repurposed into a water bottle or a tote, but into high-performance products.

UltraBOOST DNA LOOP uses this transformative approach to designing performance shoes that are ‘Made to be Remade’ from the outset, by using one material type and no glue. Each component is made from 100% reusable TPU – it’s spun to yarn, knitted, molded and clean-fused to a BOOST midsole.

This means that, once UltraBOOST DNA LOOP come to the end of their first life and are returned to us, they are washed, ground to pellets and melted into material for components for a new pair of shoes, with less waste. Each generation is designed to meet the adidas sports performance standard, without compromise.

The Nike Running Cold-Weather Footwear Lineup is Like Your Trustiest Winter Tires

October 12, 2020 – This cold-weather footwear collection from Nike Running highlights two features that are wintertime favorites: a GORE-TEX upper on the Nike Pegasus Trail 2 and redesigned traction patterns in the Shield series, specifically the Nike Pegasus 37 and the Nike React Miler Shield.

Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GORE-TEX
For runs that veer off the beaten path, the Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GORE-TEX is designed to help withstand weather conditions as rugged as the terrain. The GORE-TEX invisible fit upper helps protect feet from moisture. Additional traction was added at the heel and toe to steady runners when going up or down hills, joining the outsole’s detailed nubs for a secure, confident ride. Nike React foam helps provide cushioned responsiveness with every step.

Nike Pegasus 37 Shield and Nike React Miler Shield
Two cold-weather Shield silhouettes from Nike Running feature a reimagined outsole pattern inspired by winter car tires.

Designed specifically for wet road surfaces, the traction patterns include micro-siping to better grip the road. The multidirectional shapes help channel water for improved contact with wet pavement. The weatherized shroud upper for both silhouettes helps repel water and keep feet dry. A bonus: the React Miler Shield is customizable on Nike By You. Check out the last two images above.

The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 GORE-TEX, the Nike Pegasus 37 Shield and the Nike React Miler Shield release later in October.


[Oct. 2, 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – Today, ASICS are proud to announce the launch of the GEL-KAYANO™ Lite shoe. It offers long-distance runners a shoe designed for stability and performance, making it easier to go further, perform better and reduce load on the foot, while reducing weight so they can keep on experiencing the benefits of movement.

ASICS is continuing to listen to runners needs during this unprecedented time. We’re on a mission to make it easy for everyone to experience the mental and physical benefits of movement. With the GEL-KAYANO™ Lite, ASICS brings the lightest ever shoe in GEL-KAYANO™ series, making it the recommended choice for long distance runners. This latest innovation as ASICS also embodies a more eco-friendly design, featuring an engineered mesh upper that was formed with recycled materials.

The new GEL-KAYANO™ Lite delivers comfort, stability and protection, while reducing weight. ASICS are constantly improving and enhancing the GEL-KAYANO™ series, the new Lite editions in the legendary line will offer additional products within the KAYANO™ family, to ensure every runner’s needs are continuing to be met. The new GEL-KAYANO™ Lite shoe features a sustainable midsole compound that provides excellent bounce and responsiveness keeping runners agile over longer distances. The new shoe uses fewer componentry and resources to produce the design making it almost 30 grams lighter in weight [1] .

What’s more, the GEL-KAYANO™ Lite is designed to provide maximum comfort and protection. The 3D SPACE CONSTRUCTIONTM improves stability while maintaining cushioning, and the flared midsole shape helps support runners whose feet roll inward excessively (overpronate) for a more efficient ride. Additionally, the wider base nets in the shoe’s heel and forefoot provide more surface area to create a stable landing and toe-off.

Keishi Kitamoto – designer of the GEL-KAYANO™ LITE says: “Light was the keyword that we used for design inspiration. In this shoe we wanted to adapt the original GEL-KAYANO™ model with a more simplified and sustainable approach. In the GEL-KAYANO™ LITE shoe, I focused on the idea of one unified system and minimal materials to provide stability and protection while reducing the weight of the shoe”.

Despite the ongoing pandemic restrictions, ASICS research shows that globally 7 in 10 (68% globally; 54% in UK) people are more driven than ever to return to their physical peak [2] . The ASICS World Ekiden 2020 comes in direct response to the ever-changing needs of runners and sports fans, bringing together runners of every level to run as a team and achieve a collective goal – the marathon. The GEL-KAYANO™ Lite is a soft and lightweight shoe with the stability needed to stand up to a ton of miles making it a great choice for the ASICS World Ekiden 2020.

The GEL-KAYANO™ Lite™ will be available globally for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialist running outlets. Visit the product videos: the tech video: GEL-KAYANO™ Lite Tech & the sustainability-focused video: GEL-KAYANO Lite™ Sustainability and www.ASICS.com for more information.



· ASICS’ latest shoe – the GT-2000™ 9 – combines advanced features to deliver enhanced fit and comfort from the get-go

· As the 28th edition of the hugely popular GT-2000™ series, this model combines and reimagines product features right from the sole to the upper mesh, providing support runners can trust

[Oct. 2, 2020 – KOBE, JAPAN] – Today, ASICS are excited to announce the launch of the GT-2000™ 9 shoe promising runners a stable, responsive ride and a more efficient transition from footstrike to toe-off.

The GT-2000™ 9 model is a versatile shoe specifically designed to provide comfort and support whilst delivering stability for advanced performance. The versatility of the GT-2000™ 9 means it is also an excellent choice for a long run, a tempo run and an interval work-out.

The new GT-2000™ delivers enhanced fit and feel

With the new GT-2000™ 9, ASICS have combined innovative features for an enhanced fit and feel. The new soft and lightweight one-piece mesh is constructed with no sew overlays reinforcing the upper shoe, especially over the arch, for added stability and support runners can feel. This is complemented by new ORTHOLITE™ lasting for advanced step-in and all-round foot comfort.

And that’s just the start – GT-2000™ 9’s FLYTEFOAM™ midsole is lighter and more durable than traditional midsole foams meaning wearers enjoy a cushioned and supportive feel throughout the gait cycle, while rearfoot GEL™ technology absorbs shock with every landing. Also, heel holding improves approximately 50% while running, which provide the runners with a more comfortable ride to support their performance [1] .

When it comes to performance, the GT-2000™ 9 provides advanced stability for run efficiently. The pioneering DYNAMIC DUOMAX™ technology helps support runners whose feet roll inward too much (overpronate) for a more efficient ride.

US Elite ASICS runner, Johnny Gregorek says “The GT-2000™ series provides a balance of cushioning and support that I need – I have a mild pronation and mid-foot strike in my stride and the GT-2000™ perfectly accounts for those elements and creates a nice and even forward roll for my foot”.

ASICS continue to respond to runners changing needs

The GT-2000™ 9 launch comes amidst the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Ongoing research conducted by ASICS shows that globally, 7 in 10 (68% globally; 54% in UK) people are more driven than ever to return to their physical peak. Fitness-tracking app Runkeeper™ continues to see increases with users – with a 113% increase in registrations globally year to date vs the same time period in 2019. ASICS is committed to meeting runners’ needs – both during this pandemic and beyond.

ASICS believes in a Sound Mind in a Sound Body now more than ever. We know from our ongoing research that as the months have passed runners are missing the motivation and connection they get from team events. 42% of people who exercise regularly are finding it difficult to stay motivated as they don’t have a goal to work towards at the moment. ASICS have responded with the new ASICS World Ekiden 2020: the ultimate team challenge that will see teams of up to six people from all over the world come together to complete a combined marathon in the fastest possible time. A specially created virtual race platform will vividly bring to life the connection and motivation of team competition at a time of physical distancing, helping runners of abilities stay connected with the sport and their wider community.

The ASICS World Ekiden 2020 is open to all with distances that attract all levels of runner. To take part, runners simply sign up for free from 1 October 2020, using ASICS Runkeeper™. Teams must complete their relay race between 11th and 22nd November 2020. For expert advice, training plans and more information about how to run, follow #RunToFeel or visit asics.com/mk/run-to-feel

The GT-2000™ 9 will be available globally for men and women from ASICS retail, online stores and specialist running outlets. Visit the product video: GT-2000 9 and www.ASICS.com for more information.

Are the toning shoes still around?

Approximately ten years back, the toning footwear were all the fad. These were footwear that were speculated to enable you to firm up and get an extra workout whenever using them. Several even alleged to be able to tone the ‘butt’ and curative cellulite. That did not work out too well for the companies with legal settlements and despite endorsements coming from famous people the footwear quickly dropped from remaining popular.

Toning shoes or what is also known as unstable footwear is footwear which is purposely developed with rocker soles and other design characteristics to help make the shoes unstable in order that the muscles are claimed to keep working harder to increase stability. It’s this elevated muscle action that was alleged being an increased workout when wearing the shoes, ie a tone up. When the footwear came to the market the medical claims and alleged benefits made for them were really astounding. Quite a few celebrities and sports personalities were utilized in advertising material to back up and market the assertions. Sales of this footwear have been very considerable based on these assertions and claimed advantages.

Once the good science was done on this footwear, it didn’t support the assertions which were getting made for the benefits of them. The research did indicate that muscle activity was increased and also the gait was relatively different when using the footwear, but it has not been adequate to provide all the many benefits that have been advertised for the footwear. As these were health promises that were getting made which were not based on the research this caught the attention of the health and marketing regulatory organizations in numerous countries and so they became involved in lawsuits. This finished up with considerable multi-million dollar penalties and agreements by a few of the manufacturers who were promoting the unrealistic medical claims. Several class action legal cases were in addition settled based on alleged benefits that those that purchased the shoes didn’t receive the marketed health benefits from the footwear. This considerably influenced sales and interest in this footwear and they essentially faded away.

There are still a few shoes available on the market that will be viewed as toning or unstable shoes and there’s still some research occurring using them. All this doesn’t mean that there’s really anything erroneous using these sorts of footwear. The issue was simply the considerably embellished assertions made for them and the marketing and advertising around those claims. These types of toning footwear may have their uses. Health professionals still find the toning shoes to be extremely helpful for changing the way in which people move with conditions like painful knee osteoarthritis and several individuals with low back problems that could be associated with the way that people move. The logic is that if walking one way is uncomfortable, then if a slight modification can be produced in the manner they walk with the use of the toning shoes, after that there would be a lowering of symptoms. The only issue with this particular approach would be that the studies are unclear on who would and won’t help. They’ve also been particularly useful for individuals who have painful arthritis in the big toe or hallux joints.

Biomechanics: Wearing footwear with toe springs requires less muscle work

News Release:

Wearing footwear with an upward curvature at the front of the shoe – known as the toe spring – requires less work from the muscles of the feet to walk than shoes with a flatter sole, according to an experimental study published in Scientific Reports.

Toe springs keep the toes continually elevated above the ground in a flexed upwards position to help the front part of the foot roll forward when walking or running and are present in most modern athletic shoes, but their effect on natural foot function and vulnerability of the feet to injury has not been widely studied.

Freddy Sichting and colleagues from Harvard University, the Chemnitz University of Technology and Buffalo University investigated the effects of toe springs on foot biomechanics using a controlled experiment in which 13 participants walked barefoot on a treadmill at a comfortable walking pace. The participants were then asked to repeat the process wearing four different pairs of specially designed sandals with varying upward curvature of the toe region in order to simulate the curvature of modern athletic footwear. 3D motion data were captured using markers placed on each subject’s knee, ankle and foot.

The authors found that toe springs decrease the work of the muscles around the joints that connect the toes to the foot bones. The higher the upwards curve of the toes in respect to the rest of the foot, the less work the foot muscles had to perform to support the joints when walking.

The findings explain why toe springs are so comfortable and popular but suggest that shoes with toe springs may contribute to weakening of the foot muscles with long-term use. This may increase susceptibility to common pathological conditions such as plantar fasciitis, inflammation of the foot that connects the heel bone to the toes, according to the authors.

Can a gait analysis help you get the right running shoe?

Probably not.

Gait analysis can be very useful in helping improve the running technique. Coaches often use it to look for the foot strike pattern, foot placement, hip and pelvis movement and many other things to see if the running technique can be improved. Clinicians often use a gait analysis to look for problems in the gait that may be linked to injury. They will look for many things like the foot strike pattern, foot placement and movement, control from the hip, look for things like an abductory twist and a whole range of other things. This will help them make recommendations for any changes or intervention that may be needed for an injury.

Many specialty running shoe stores use treadmills to allegedly help them prescribe the right running shoe. There is certainly a lot of debate if this is just a sales gimmick or really does influence the running shoe prescribing process.

There is no evidence that it does help with the process. Those that use them will argue that it does help. There is no doubt that trying different shoes while running on a treadmill can help you decide if a running shoe is comfortable or not and comfort is really important to get right with running shoes.

The Dangers of Running in the Cold

There are some dangers that are associated with exercising in the cold, even though it can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Cold injury is common in some of those extreme type sports, but not always necessarily in running, but it does have its dangers. Precautions do need to be taken and you do need to be aware of the signs of an impending problem with your body in the cold and you do need to know what to do.

Hypothermia is probably the greatest and most serious problem and most well known, due to the potential to become fatal if not addressed quickly and properly. You are at greater risk if it is cold, windy, and wet; if you are young, tall and thin; and if you run at a slower pace. The classic signs of hypothermia are shivering, slurred speech, a lethargy, a slow and shallow breathing, a weak pulse and a clumsiness or lack of coordination. If any of this starts to happen there is an urgency to getting the runner warmed up and get more help.

At the other extreme of the spectrum are the relatively minor issue of chilblains. This an inflammatory response of the small blood vessels in the toes (and sometimes the fingers) that can be quite painful. These do not happen in the extreme cold, but are more common in the colder climates, but are unheard of in the warm climates. They initially appear as a reddish colored painful and itchy patches on the toes, but can sometimes affect the fingers, nose and ears. If the chilblains do become chronic and keep occurring, they take on a dark blue color. They normally heal up reasonably quickly unless they keep recurring, which points to the importance of preventing them by use of warm socks and shoes. When one occurs, then soothing chilblain creams to stimulate the circulation is usually very helpful.

To avoid a cold injury, wearing several layers of clothing that designed for exercise are recommended. Take into account the direction of the wind when beginning your run and choose a route that is in a well populated area so you are not far from help if you need it. It is often a good idea to also wear a warm hat and gloves for further protection from the cold. If you have any real doubts, then don’t go for a run. You could have a rest day or use a treadmill that is indoors.

Adizero Adios Pro Dream Mile Revealed as Elite Running Competition Returns

Today the latest adizero adios Pro, reveals in a colour refresh for the world’s fastest, as they prepare to return to competition. The bold pink and blue “Dream Mile” colourway is the first update since the silhouette’s limited release in June – which sold out in 15 minutes – and will now be available widely from 14th September.

The shoe is born from athlete insights, generated from multi-continent in-camp testing. Elite athletes – including Kenyan long-distance runners Joyciline Jepkosgei and Rhonex Kipruto – gave iterative feedback to develop the physical prototypes, as well as the emotional context that inspired the colour story of this latest release.

The “Dream Mile” concept is built around the insight that athletes require two “selves” or approaches to training, to succeed in their fastest ever miles.

With the insight that nothing is impossible when you combine the very best in performance technologies, with the positive and creative energy that athletes have within themselves – the colour and design team researched various shades to help express this without words.

Represented by a vibrant pink hue, is the passionate, powerful and striving ‘self’, needed to push the body and mind forward against the clock. Meanwhile the calmer, more resilient ‘self’ that helps in maintaining focus is signified by the muted blue tones. The colours of the footwear were specially selected from the “Signal Family”, and includes shades such as Signal Pink, Signal Cyan, and Signal Orange – all completely unique to adidas.

adidas adizero adio Pro Dream Mile 2

Falk Bruns, Senior Footwear Designer, said “We’re confident the new “Dream Mile” colourway will help our athletes feel invigorated and stand out as they return to elite racing. Crafting the footwear that would support runners to go faster than ever and achieve their bests could not be done without collaboration. With that in mind, we went direct to the athlete from the very outset, incorporating their insights from first sketch to final prototype”.

adidas design and development 3

Featuring innovations built to support athletes in their pursuit of speed, the adizero adios Pro was co-created with world-class athletes to create the breakthrough technology, EnergyRods. Driven by athlete anatomy testing in its biomechanics lab, adidas designers built prototype after prototype to create a structure that mirrored the metatarsal bones of elite athletes.

The result is the five rigidly tuned carbon-infused rods, that give the adizero adios Pro an intuitive connection to the athlete, optimising running economy and allowing them to maintain their speed for longer.

The EnergyRods are complemented by the supporting LightstrikePRO midsole, which provides super-light cushioning for explosive movements and enduring speed. These all-new innovations build on the award-winning success of the adizero family as runners prepare to take the global stage once again – adidas’ fastest ever shoe will be worn for the first time in elite competition including Peres Jepchirchir and Philemon Kiplimo at the RUNCZECH half marathon in Prague tomorrow.

The adizero adios Pro will be available for general release from 14th September on adidas.com/adizero-running, the adidas app and via select retail partners.

110km runner and world record holder, Rhonex Kipruto; half marathoners, Bernard Kimeli, Stephen Kiprop and Philemon Kiplimo; marathon runners Mary Keitany, Amos Kipruto, Abel Kipchumba, Bethwell Yegon, Albert Korir and Tamirat Tola; Festus Talam